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2 de abril de 2022

La ASOCIACIÓN INTERNACIONAL DE LA PRENSA DEPORTIVA definió las listas cortas de los Premios AIPS en las siguientes categorías



Nazim Bessol (Algeria), The FIFA Arab Cup: An attack on Saudi Arabia –

Marcela Mora y Araujo (Argentina), Diego’s sleeping –

Sebastian Ignacio Torok (Argentina), Kicker, after the dark. The return of the tennis player punished for fixing matches: ‘I was ashamed’ – La Nacion 

Alejandro Wall (Argentina), Maradona, the surname of a country – The Washington Post 

Julian Linden (Australia), Swimming against the tide – The Daily Telegraph 

Robert Livingstone (Canada), BidWeek: The IOC thought they could steal the Brisbane 2032 Olympics and hoped we wouldn’t notice –

Esteban Abarzua (Chile), We are still in debt to Arley – Las Ultimas Noticias

Damian Delgado Averhoff (Cuba), ESPN backlash: Open letter to Canelo Álvarez 2.0 –

Mario Canessa (Ecuador), The pressure: Neither a privilege of Djokovic nor of anyone –

Sohad Elkhodary (Egypt), Execution of an athlete: ‘The website’ opens the persecution and violations file within the para-weightlifting federation –

Ehab Zohdy (Egypt), Women’s football… The missing justice –

Ronny Blaschke (Germany), The hypocrites – Cicero

Patrick Kleinmann (Germany), Trans people in soccer: Where is my space? –

Manos Staramopoulos (Greece), Exclusive interview with K H Rummenigge –

Vandna Vijay (India), Women’s sport in India: An emboldened new generation breaking through barriers –

Anand Vasu (India), Yes, English football fans were a disgrace. But passion’s darker shades aren’t limited to either England or football | IPL plays on as BCCI’s cash cow while India’s Covid-19 crisis worsens – The Guardian / The Times of India

Maryam Navaei (Iran), A chance is lost –

Ciaran O’mahony (Ireland), Have dopers escaped detection during Covid-19 lockdowns? –

Emanuela Audisio (Italy), Those 11 dreamlike minutes – La Repubblica

Pierbattista Bergonzi (Italy), Interview with Pope Francis – La Gazzetta dello Sport

Francesco Paolo Giordano (Italy), How PSG wants to become the most powerful sports brand in the world –

Lorenzo Longhi (Italy), The weight of sports –

Petz Lahure (Luxembourg), Paris-Roubaix must not die – Tageblatt

Haresh Deol (Malaysia), What’s the difference between Hein Htet Aung’s three-finger salute and Malaysia banning Israel from competing in Kuching? – Twentytwo13.ny

Dumitru Garcaliuc (Moldova), How match-fixing ruined football in Moldova –

Anibal Santiago (Mexico), Somayeh Gholami: Taekwondo under the war – Revista Este País

Loanny Picado (Nicaragua), Being a sports journalist in times of dictatorship – Zona de penal

Hasan Elsaadny (Palestine), The Judaization of Palestinian football.. How was theft of the century done? –

Fadi Hijazi (Palestine), For how long will players in Gaza remain ‘just a commodity’? –

Armando Rivarola (Paraguay), Banco de Cartes opens accounts for the Léoz in FIFAgate – ABC Color

Francis Thimsel Ochoa (Philippines), A capacity for greatness –

Sergey Lisin (Russia), CAS full acquitted Russian athletes: Match TV journalist defended the case –

Ebrahim Mousa (Saudi Arabia), Athletes life in danger part 2/2 –

Daniel Gallan (South Africa), Quinton de Kock resolutely stands on the wrong side of history –

Miguel Angel Lara Adán (Spain), On the hunt for the nazi goalkeeper – MARCA

Makhtum Muziransa (Uganda), Women barred from Olympics for being ‘manly’ – Daily Monitor

Oliver Brown (UK), Heading in football must now be on borrowed time – The Daily Telegraph

Steve Menary (UK), Rising popularity of cricket in Europe has led to major match-fixing problems –

Liam Morgan (UK), Threats, a judging cabal and toothpaste tubes: How AIBA corrupted Olympic boxing –

Dan Palmer (UK), Manipulating time and space: Why more people should know about Kaori Icho –

Don Riddell (UK), Navid Afkari: Executed Iranian wrestling star’s voice is everywhere now –

Kate Rowan (UK), Groped, kicked and shown the kitchen: What it’s really like being a woman in rugby – The Telegraph

Hannah Ryan (UK), How misogynoir is oppressing black women athletes –

Isabelle Westbury (UK), Women’s sport is the new currency in town. But it is on all of us to provide long-lasting change –

Paul Fein (USA), Does Djokovic have the perfect game? Sportstar magazine

Dvora Meyers (USA), Why it’s not surprising that Simone Biles cheered for Angelina Melnikova –

Daniel Eguren (Venezuela), Shut up and play – Idioma Fútbol

Jován Pulgarín (Venezuela), Diego Maradona: Do we remember the artist or the chavista? – Elestí

Juan Sayago (Venezuela), The Impala of San Lázaro – Triá




Omar Boudi and Zoheir Boudi (Algeria), The drama of Algerian players and their disabled children – Echorouk TV 

Scott Rollinson (Australia), Building titans –

Thomas Schoeneich (Austria), Women’s EHF EURO 2020: A championship like no other – European Handball Federation

Karoline Rath-Zobernig (Austria), Peter Schröcksnadel: An eventful life –

Dimitar Tasev (Bulgaria), Doping in deep water – bTV Media Group 

Nan Shen (China), 2020+1: Through Pandemic to Olympics – Xinhua News Agency

Felipe Antonio Zarruk Diazgranados (Colombia), October 11, 1981. October 11, 2021… 40 Years of a massacre – Canal TRO

Matthieu Darnon (France), Backdraft – Canal +

Arnaud Bonnin (France), We need to talk – Canal +

Benoit Pensivy (France), Heart-to-heart with Les Bleus – M6

Remi Vorano (France), The blows of life – Canal +

Baboucarr Sey (Gambia), The Gambia Football Federation and the missing $ millions from FIFA – Citizens Network Gambia YouTube

Christoph Nahr (Germany), Unified for gold: The German Biathlon Association – ARD 

Eike Schulz (Germany), A film about photos. Even in a pandemic: Without a foreground, no photo can be healthy – ZDF Sports

Tim Tonder (Germany), Malaika Mihambo: My long approach to gold – NDR/ARD German TV

Laura Trust (Germany), The «Gorilla» gets off the bike – ARD / Norddeutscher Rundfunk

Muftawu Nabila Abdulai (Ghana), Najat Lokko: Meet 11-year-old Ghanaian female boxer from Jamestown – Muftawu Nabila Abdulai YouTube

András Muhi Pires (Hungary), One for all – ATV 

Viktor Tihany (Hungary), Running in her blood: The story of Lívia Gereben – MTVA  

Jonathan Taylor (Ireland), Mariah: A boxer’s dream – Olympic Channel

Alessandro Cattaneo (Italy), The long wait: Road to Tokyo 2020 – Discovery+ 

Emanuele Corazzi (Italy), Sympathetic. EP1: The last of the romantics – DAZN

Mohammad Ali (Jordan), ChexTadium: The lazy magician and Maradona’s successor, Juan Rickmley – Aljazeera O2

Samat Jumakadyr (Kyrgyzstan), Kokboru players – Samat Jumakadyr YouTube

Rayane Hatimi (Morocco), Couscous swell – Beach Ratz YouTube

Joao Chivale (Mozambique), Luis Miquissone from the origins to the success – Televisão de Moçambique

Diogo Oliveira (Portugal), Report TV “The Kabul Rescue” – SPORT TV Portugal

Vladimir Pajić (Serbia), The lessons of love – ArenaSport TV 

Nuria Ruano (Spain), The invisible bond – Olympic Channel

Anton Kucher (Ukraine), «The special atmosphere» – Vimeo

David Harrison (UK), Al Jazeera investigations: The men who sell football – Al Jazeera

Christina Macfarlane (UK), Running as equals: The elite athletes fighting for acceptance – CNN International / CNN Sport

Theo Lee Ray (UK), Standing firm: Football’s Windrush story – BT Sport

Cole Sax (USA), World Debut: From outsiders to the Olympic Games – Olympic Channel



Gabriela Martín (Argentina), Olympic podiums: Collective joy – La Voz del Interior

Philipp Maschl (Austria), Home game: Europe on the ball – ORF

Heidi Iro (Austria), Armand ‘Mondo’ Duplantis – Redbull TV

Fanny Stapf (Austria), Hard work, no money: Playing football for nothing but fresh air – ORF

Eduardo Rachelle (Brazil), Dream of a little boy: Dishtowels seller got autograph from Neymar – RBS TV / Globo eSporte

Yang Liu (China), Never yield to fate – Xinhua News Agency 

Wen Shu (China), 4,000-year-old «Olympic Games» on rocks | Wudang kids  – Xinhua News Agency

Ranran Yue (China), When the odds are stacked against you – Xinhua News Agency

Jimmy Cuadros (Colombia), Anthony Zambrano: a story of fighting, sacrifice, sweat and speed – RTVC Sistemas de Medios Públicos

Nicklas Vinde (Denmark), Handball diaries: Camila Micijevic – EHF

Julien Ababsa (France), Always get up – France TV

Emeline Nsingi Nkosi (France), Extreme E: «We wanted to do a race dedicated to the ocean» – BBC Sport Africa

Babacar Diarra (France), The Comoros at CAN, it’s a dream! – BBC

Paul Woods-Turley (Germany), Olympic state of body – Olympic Channel

Maziyar Koupidar (Iran), Lost dreams: Story of four Afghan sisters – Maziyar Koupidar YouTube

Jonathan Taylor (Ireland), From the top: Olympians and rockstars – Olympic Channel

Vandna Dhand (India), The roller-skating star who beat intellectual disability to be a world champion – BBC News

Rabee Adwan (Jordan), Omar Qaradah jumps to the top without legs – Rabee Adwan YouTube

Moses Wakhisi (Kenya), Racing to death: A risky affair for the Kenyan track athletes – KTN News

Badih Chayban (Lebanon), Ishita Malaviya: India’s first woman surfer – Olympic Channel

Zulhelmi Zainal Azam (Malaysia), Why me? – Astro Arena

Eduardo Benavides (Mexico), This ball is here to stay – Sistema Zacatecano de Radio y Televisión

Nadeem Khan (Pakistan), A Girl disguised as a Boy to live her dream – Daily Aljazeera Quetta

Mariano Amiune (Spain), Neymar Jr: A shot to heal a nation, Wait for it – Olympic Channel

Nuria Ruano (Spain), Halfpipe hype: The joy of riding – Olympic Channel

Antonio Nieto Moreno (Spain), Sandra Sanchez, kata after kata: The karateka who was ostracised for being by her mother’s side and who has returned to fight for the Olympic gold – El País 

Eduardo Rivas (Uruguay), Maracanã, the hidden treasure – Canal 4

Olivia Nakate (Uganda), Restoring the lost glory – Urban TV

Don Riddell (UK), How boxing is changing the way society looks at women in Gaza – CNN

Marissa Boyajian (USA), Dear Cammy – NBC

David Picker (USA), A shared pastime – NBC Sports 

Rachel Goodman (USA), Vision as one – NBC



Omar Boudi and Zoheir Boudi (Algeria), Slimani the legend – New Vision Prod YouTube 

Maria Eugenia Mastri (Argentina), Santiago Lange: A life in the water to attain Olympic glory – La Voz del Interior

Mahop II Andre Jean Mirabeau (Cameroon), Albert Mengue, epileptic boxer yesterday, left the garage for the Olympic Games – Kickoff Le Mag YouTube

Kelvin Nembo Njuhsop (Cameroon), Beyond disability – Kelvin Nembo Official YouTube

Brock Boot (Canada), The drill – E21: Unanimous – Edmonton Oilers YouTube

Jieni Cheng (China), The lonesome swimmer – J’s YouTube

Mengtong Niu (China), Marbury: A Beijing boy – Xinhua News Agency

Andres Nieto Serpa (Colombia), Maria Del Rosario Espinoza – AMX Originals Vimeo

Benoit Durand (France), Bodies and souls | Teddy Riner: The quest – France 2 TV

Inken Pallas (Germany), High altitude intoxication – Looking for the perfect flight –

Tim Tonder (Germany), Malaika Mihambo: My long approach to gold – NDR

Laura Trust (Germany), The «Gorilla» gets off the bike – AV Medien Vimeo 

Francis Hema (Ghana), Going the long-distance guts & glory: Dinah inspires in a differently-abled way – TV3 Ghana Limited

Sayon Kourouma (Guinea), Yamoussa, the passion for living your dream – CIS tv

András Muhi Pires (Hungary), One for all – ELF Pictures Vimeo

Gustavo Ramirez España (Mexico), Paula Pareto | Alejandra Grande – AMX Originals Vimeo  

Jeet Bahadur Saud (Nepal), The new identity – Galaxy 4K 

Diogo Oliveira (Portugal), Report TV “Ricardinho: the heart of a champion” – Sport TV

Vladimir Pajić (Serbia), The joker –

Nataša Šević (Serbia), Bobi goes to Hollywood – Videostroj

Nicolas Delloye (Spain), Skateboarder Margie Didal: “Do what you love” – Olympic Channel

Antonio Nieto Moreno (Spain), The battle against time of Teresa Portela, the first Spanish woman to compete at six Olympic Games –

Iyad Nasser (Syria), An athlete profile: Syrian international runner Imad Barakat – Syria Sports Channel

Daniel Sebakijje (Uganda), Joshua Cheptegei’s best lap with Web Daniel Sebakijje – Next Media Uganda 

Sarah Gross (USA), My name is Ada Hegerberg –

William Moss (USA), My pursuit: Life, legacy & Jordan Burroughs – NBC SPORTS

Cory Mull (USA), Caitlin Little: Fifteen forever –

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